pinnacle of designer jewellery expertise

We're not just another average online jewellery store!

Meraki Gems is here to transform the jewellery industry! We're not about the ordinary or mainstream. Instead, we're passionate about showcasing handcrafted pieces that convey individuality, evoke emotions, and narrate stories.

With a genuine love for all things jewellery, Meraki Gems stands as the premier destination for exploring and acquiring inimitable designer pieces.

The man behind it all

Mr. Vijay Kumar Jain

Meet our founder who set the stage for a legacy like no other. Challenges were met head-on, but his commitment to family and excellence never wavered. Through honesty and transparency, he earned the trust of clients, laying the foundation for our success. As his vision expanded, so did his resolve, culminating in the birth of Meraki Gems.

Today, his values of trust, transparency, and tradition guide us, ensuring his legacy lives on through every sparkling gem and cherished moment.

“Our customers trust us for quality, which is the only thing that lasts.”

Diving into a New Era

The Meraki Gems Story

Stepping into an established business isn't for the faint-hearted. It's about blending tradition with innovation, navigating through cultures and systems to carve a path of growth. That's the journey Mr. Vijay Kumar Jain embarked on, injecting fresh ideas into the gemstone realm since his youth.

Fast forward to 2013, where Dubai's promise beckoned. Mr. Ashish Vijay and Ms. Deepali Vijay Jain took the reins, shaping Meraki Gems into a beacon of luxury. With a nod to their family's heritage, they crafted a brand that respects tradition while embracing tomorrow's trends.

Today's Modern Woman

Women are simply amazing

We praise the incredible strength, grace, and resilience of women everywhere. From the bold visionaries to the silent heroes, we believe in the power of every woman's journey. Our jewellery is crafted to honour this spirit, serving as a symbol of empowerment, individuality, and unwavering elegance.